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Project Description

XNA Game Console is an highly customizable game console that can be used
with almost any XNA application.

The game console is written for XNA 3.1 Windows Games and provided by an
XNA Windows Game Component Library, which can be easily included in your
XNA application.


  • Easy to use!
  • Customizable layout
    • Define the bounding box of the game console (position and size)
    • Change the background color or set a background texture
    • Change the text color and visibility based on log level filters
    • Change the opacity of the background and the text
    • Change the visible lines of the current view
    • Replace the build in default font with your own
    • Disable the user input, so you can use the console just for output
    • Build in opening and closing animations:
      • Fade
      • Slide from/to top
      • Slide from/to bottom
      • Slide from/to left
      • Slide from/to right
      • And combinatons of fade and slide animations
  • Set your own keyboard layout based on simple XML defenition files
    • Define what keys on the keyboard can be used
    • Define button combinations with the shift, control and/or alt key
  • Build in console commands
    • Top level commands for browsing inside the game console:
      • Page up/down to scroll through the log messages
      • Up/down to scroll through the input history
      • Left/right to change the cursor position inside the input field
      • Backspace/Delete to remove one character from the input
      • Home/End to set the cursor to the begin or end of the input field
    • Default console commands like: clear, history, exit, close, save, etc.
  • Simply add your own custom commands
  • Subscribe to the events of the game console:
    • Initialized
    • Opening
    • Open
    • Closing
    • Closed
    • InputChanged
    • InputEntered
    • LogEntryAdded
  • Write text to the log with different log levels and colors
  • And many more... :-)

Feel free to use the XNA Game Console DLL with your own XNA Game.
If you like you can even download and modify the complete source code.

Please let me now, if you find any bugs or have any other suggestions for improvments. ;-)

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